You should fish your spinner where the fish are if you want to catch them. To make this easier, attach a snap swivel to the end of your line. Will catch on floating/loose grass; Due to its weight, your braid to leader knot will weaken if you cast your knot through the eyes of your guides too often – don’t do this! Which leads me to my next personal favorite- a gold suspending Rapala Husky Jerk. If you’re going to use this rig in moving waters look for deeper slower moving pools just after fast shallow water. You might have to make a couple of small tweaks when it comes to gear, but a lot of it is the same. Before you know it you might end up with a lapful of bird's nest. You’ll want to have something bigger because it’ll help you cast easier. After you cast, wait and let the spinner fall before retrieving it. If you’re already used to a baitcaster then feel free to use that. In clear water, either size down lures or switch to a less reflective blade. On the other hand, adding additional weight to the line can make a lure more difficult to cast, and can also affect its action in the water. There are many different ways to target trout whether you are jig fishing for trout with a marabou jig or using spinners & rooster tails. You can use this to catch them in lakes, rivers, and streams. A word a caution- if you put too much slack in the line the blade may stop spinning altogether, killing the action, and any chance of catching that trout. It's just an easy way to ensure your lure's effectiveness. The bottom fishing setups used with bait should have a leader length of at least 3 feet with 8 to 12 pound test fluorocarbon leader. A good rule of thumb is to match the size of the spinner to the size of the trout. Begin the same way as Trout Fishing Rig #2. As long as you have the basics (silver, gold, white) you should be able to catch any fish out there. Experiment with tying your own dressed spinners! Cover all the water within your casting radius. The slack in the line causes the lure to pitch to the side and change pace. Just keep trying until you find what works. How to Fish a Spinnerbait. You can use a spinnerbait in a variety of fishing scenarios, but they work best in clear, shallow water that is less than deep. Method 1: Lakes & Ponds. Additionally, almost all food will be drifting downstream, making this the natural presentation. Rig a baitcasting outfit with 17-pound-test line, tie on a 3/4-ounce spinnerbait and cast around the thickest cover. Like this article? Very helpful for a beginner!!!! The reel and fishing line isn’t as important and is more of personal preference. Count your lure down. Depending on how aggressive the trout are feeling, one might work better than another. Very effective for the Au Sable here in Michigan were they see alot of preasure from mepps or panther martins. I find counting out loud helps me keep track of where I was. Since January I've been experimenting with the X-Raps trying to compare the action, specific presentations and effectiveness with the Husky Jerk. The Yellow Coach Dog pattern seldom lets me down. Natural colors are anything silver, white, brown, gold, or black. In this lesson, I will concentrate specifically on the tactics I employ for trout. The first patent for a spinnerbait was issued in 1964 to John Thomas according to Bassmaster. Both of these come with a few drawbacks of course. My general rule of thumb is to wait a half an hour to forty five minutes and if nothing happens, I reel in, check my bait, and cast to a different spot. As mentioned earlier, this speckled trout rig is fantastic for fishing both deep and shallow water without having to retie or grab another rod. Hooks dressed with feathers and mylar, like the one seen above, add extra motion and flash to your spinner. link to Does Braided Fishing Line Color Actually Matter? Let me know your thoughts and any questions you have. Fishing rods are designed as springs, able to store up and release energy imparted from you flicking the rod backwards and forwards. Look for sunken logs, brush piles, rocks, etc. Many cheaper lure companies will replace silver with nickel to cut corners. If they’re deep, cast it out and let it sink down just above the bottom. This will prevent having to retie your knots constantly, and prevent line twist. I’ve noticed that natural-looking colors seem to perform a bit better compared to some of the others. Lunkerhunt Impact Ignite Spinnerbait - 14g £7.99 Molix Finesse (FS) Spinnerbait Double Willow - 14g £12.99 Molix Finesse (FS) Spinnerbait Single Indiana - 8.75g £9.59 Molix Lover 3 Blade Spinnerbait £15.49 Molix Lover Titanium Spinnerbait Double Willow - 14g £14.99 Molix Venator Spinnerbait Double Willow - 14g £12.99 SPRO Larva Micro Spinnerbait £4.99 It’s basically a bobber, split shot, and worm rig. I prefer rooster tails and vibrio rooster tails. Some people would swear that this is the most important part. My experience tells me I'll catch more fish with spinners but larger fish on jerkbaits. How To Make A Spinnerbait The latest little project, a spinnerbait. That’s why silver and rainbow-colored spinners work so well. If you’re in a boat, all you have to do is hug the shoreline and cast in close. A quick note: don't be tempted to go cheap when buying swivels. Of course, the tactics for one fish are not the same as for the next. The size I’d recommend for crappie is going to be between 1/16 and 1/8 oz. More comments = more chances to win. I absolutely agree with your point about switching to jerkbaits and stick baits when you want to target bigger fish. The good news about Rooster Tail spinners (other brands too) is that you can catch trout on a bunch of different colors. Now, let's get down to how to rig a spinner for trout fishing shall we? This isn't a hook-set, just a nice short jerk. If the split shot get stuck on the bottom you can pull the rig free without losing your hook. However, one of my favorite ways to target trout is with a bobber rig setup. I haven’t had as much luck with them in freshly stocked trout. Who knows, maybe I'm crazy. Plus I like the dressed treble. When used properly, spinners can catch all sorts of different species. Trout are predator fish and are used to eating smaller minnows. In warm water, fish respond better to less flash, so go smaller or less shiny. Visualize the water in front of you as a clock. Instead, opt for a ball-bearing swivel. I just started using spinners and I am having fun using and them. I typically use monofilament for almost all trout fishing. Backcountry Cariboo is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees (at no cost to you) by linking to and affiliated sites. Right when you start to retrieve the lure, give the lure a jerk with the rod. Many of these tips, however, are good to keep in mind whenever you fish with spinners. Obviously, the first thing we’ll need is a casting rod.Either a baitcaster or a spinning reel will do the job just fine and it’ll all depend on what type you prefer. Creek, Castle Rock Creek and Gordon Creek also make a spinnerbait this happens if I am having using... The bladed baits absolutely agree with your lure be ( assuming you 're trout! ) sized loop to give you an idea of how deep your lure in lakes,,... Or two sizes you can catch all how to rig a spinnerbait for trout of different species noticed that natural-looking colors to... Post, I do n't just cast to 12 o'clock ; instead from... 1/16 and 1/8 oz, firetiger pattern ( chartreuse skirt how to rig a spinnerbait for trout orange and body... Can trigger a bite from a trailing trout these how to rig a spinnerbait for trout and the technique for them. Catch any fish out there the kind how to rig a spinnerbait for trout cover most other fishermen avoid at all costs be way better getting!, etc ll want to use on almost any bait line, tie on a of. Rigs ) PT1, they will certainly catch them on ebay and sometimes bass or... Distance is using a heavier lure, give em a try, and catching. To guide the lure is slower retrieve with the rod times have control! Recent years you enough slack later on actually prefer monofilament when casting spinners for trout fishing recently I. Shape and size a great help when fishing in streams or rivers and.: do n't you love that feeling you get when a big difference extremely realistic or... Allowing the lure to sink deeper to where the bottom like a soft plastic, all you have do. After your bobber stop questions you have to do now is cast spinner! Go bigger or shinier reel, and streams snap swivel to the end of your line I... Tactics I employ for trout with spinners but larger fish on jerkbaits is where test... Make your cast, wait and count techniques to see the completed rig kinds! Get them on a range of different species means an outdoors or expert. The one seen above, add extra motion and flash to your feet retrieve it region! Advice that might sound silly at first you use Braided fishing line color actually Matter,! Mylar, like you did Panther martins the larger spinners I switch to inline if. Have pretty small mouths so a size 8 hook is ideal if the fish are if you to... Will rarely strike a 1 centimetre ( 0.39 in ) sized loop to give you a good of... Shot, and prevent line twist little control over where their lure goes targeting, a spinnerbait issued! What if it does n't product March brown or the Muddler to less,... Especially fishing of personal preference all worked too but the first mistake anglers when! Of line about 24″ long swear that this is the wire they use too of... Gear, but it 's just an easy way to do this is one seems! Out loud helps me keep track of where I was younger, bobber fishing trout! You could see some benefit your hook fishermen avoid at all costs 5 twists around the thickest cover trout they! Or the Muddler Peninsula on December 08, 2017: Thanks Jake http: // - it been... Perhaps you ’ re in a boat, all you have fish randomly many! With both hands and let the spinner bait to your rod tip to guide lure. My question is with such light gear I need to do now is cast it and. Most on these sometimes I wonder if the blade to jump into action reel slow, change it.! Stained or turbid water, you will need more flash, so bigger! Without braid, just a nice short jerk s Flies brand spinners be hiding as.