Surfaces that respond well to blasting are concrete, brick, stone, wood, and glass. Required fields are marked *. Even if one of these products did manage to remove some of the paint or ink, there’s a risk of surface damage and on porous surfaces, driving the graffiti deeper into the brick, stone or concrete. The best products on the market today are called Goof Off Graffiti Remover, Wipe Out Porous Graffiti Remover, Motsenbockers Lift Off #4 Spray Paint Graffiti Remover, Sprayon Paint Remover, The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner (not for spray paint removal but does work), or Sakrete Concrete/Mortar Dissolver. Blackfriar’s Graffiti Remover has been designed as a gel to enhanced adhesion to surfaces. We are always available for additional help and advice, so please do not hesitant to get in touch. Graffitied surfaces are divided into two types, porous and non-porous. It’s also likely to save you time and a lot of effort. This great Multi Surface Graffiti Remover can also be used on surfaces with an anti-graffiti coating. Spray the graffiti-stained concrete with a power washer that delivers 100 to 300 pounds per square inch of water. Their Liquid Graffiti Remover can be used to remove graffiti from surfaces coated with their own anti-graffiti coatings. There are also various brands that offer anti-graffiti coatings to make the removal of graffiti easier. This gel can actually also be used to remove graffiti from unpainted and uncoated substrates. Wait 15-20 minutes in warm weather, longer in cold. I would like to subscribe to Rawlins Paints' newsletter. The Bare Surface Graffiti Remover is thus ideal to remove graffiti from brick, stone, concrete or render surfaces. How to Remove Graffiti from Porous Surfaces Such as Brick, Stone and Concrete The key to successful graffiti removal from brick, stone, concrete and other porous surfaces is to get the removal agent into contact with the paint or ink that has soaked into the cracks, holes or pores of the surface material so it can begin to break it down. USA . and what kind of paint you’re dealing with, the answer to the question of how to remove graffiti can have multiple answers. Required fields are marked *. Remove Graffiti from Brickwork, Masonry & Concrete Brickwork and masonry surfaces are a prime spot for graffiti artists as they offer a large attractive blank canvas to do their work. Shake the Peel Tec can before use and prepare to test a small area first. However, these products require careful handling and are best left to graffiti removal professionals. A smooth surface, such as a plastered and painted wall, will generally be easier to clean than bare brickwork. The formulation allows for a longer ‘dwell time’ to help remove stubborn and heavy graffiti from concrete and brickwork. To ensure you do not inadvertently mix chemicals, make sure the bottle is clean. As it is a clear thick gel, this graffiti remover is easy to use on vertical surfaces. Removing graffiti. To get oil out of concrete or remove unsightly paint or other stains, fill both buckets with hot or warm water, and add several squirts of dish soap to one of the buckets. Hydron AG4 is a blend of solvents and biodegradable detergents developed to remove graffiti from more porous or extensively vandalised surfaces. Use the edge of a scraper to remove as much of the paint as possible. Unless you want to spend days cleaning the affected surface, you’re going to need a specialist graffiti removal product that contains chemicals or solvents proven to break down paint and ink layers. As long as you have Peel Tec in hand, you can effectively remove graffiti from concrete pavements or driveways, etc. A final method for removing graffiti is to use simple steam power. Once the graffiti has been softened by the removal agent, an absorbent cloth should be used to dab (not wipe) and soak up the most obvious paint or ink. Wyong Shire Council provide free graffiti removal kits to all residents. Chalk-based graffiti is best removed using pressure washers. It will clean graffiti done with permanent marker or aerosol paint, and will even remove conventional paints. Coo-Var have also created a liquid graffiti remover and comes in an aerosol. It can be used on wood, brick, natural stone and concrete. Coo-Var’s graffiti remover is also ideal for the quick and efficient removal of other marks from ink and crayons for example. Dumond Chemicals offers products that specialize in removing a variety of graffiti substances, such as spray paint, adhesives, ink, etc. It will clean graffiti done with permanent marker or aerosol paint, and will even remove conventional paints. Graffiti removal from porous surfaces, like brick and concrete, needs to be handled differently than removing graffiti from smoother surfaces, like metal and glass. I would like to subscribe to Rawlins Paints' newsletter. Due to the composition of this product, it is not recommended to use this Pegagraff-Hydro Cleaner on surfaces that haven’t been coated by anti-graffiti paint or on porous materials. 3 Simple Steps to Remove Graffiti from Pavements. Paint or ink applied to non-porous areas such as plastic, glass or metal is easier to remove as the paint or ink layers remain on the surface so once dissolved can be wiped or washed away with less force and less risk to the underlying material. Wait 5-30 minutes. Non-porous graffiti can often be removed quickly with specialist sprays or wipes containing weaker and more environmentally friendly substances. The removal of graffiti is not always a cut-and-dried affair. All data sheets, packaging information, manufacturer recommendations and specific technical advice should be read and sought before use of any products. However, spray paint will usually need some cleaner or abrasive such as baking soda-based products, paint thinner and acetone to work on masonry. Graffiti removal is needed everywhere and at every level – as a private property owner, landlord, or as a council. Video from Equipment Trade Service Company Inc. of Taginator product in Wilmington, DE. Try using products that are made solely to remove spray paint. The surface should be scrubbed with a brush and the product left in place for the time indicated by the manufacturer. It can safely be used on marble, smooth concrete and metal for example as long as it has not been coated previously. For a small extra cost, you can reduce or remove these risks by using a specially formulated graffiti remover designed just for the job. There are also certain industrial graffiti removal products that you can use to remove the graffiti from a stone, concrete or brick surface. Spray the graffiti-stained concrete with a power washer that delivers 100 to 300 pounds per square inch of water. Paint the surface in dark colours such as greens or browns that can be easily overpainted should graffiti tags be applied. Baking Soda or Dry Ice Blasting is an environmentally sustainable method of removing graffiti. Your email address will not be published. Instead of using sand, a jet of hot water and steam is used to remove the graffiti, leaving the paintwork underneath unscathed. Aim the power washer’s nozzle 3 feet from the concrete surface to prevent etching the masonry. The method of removal depends on the … Your email address will not be published. This process involves using abrasive particles to safely remove the paint without damaging surfaces. Quickly remove graffiti marks from concrete using the right supplies. However, some graffiti removal products are not specialized for use on porous surfaces, like concrete, and some may think they need harsh chemicals to remove graffiti substances from these specific surfaces. Rawlins Paints cannot accept responsibility for any damage or injury caused to persons or property from advice given on this blog. Again, the right method of removal cleaning will be dictated by the type and structure of the graffitied surface. Our aim is to provide the most effective products available for specific applications. It will remove graffiti not only from brick, plastic or paving, but it can also be used for bus stops, tunnels and shop fronts. Health & Safety procedures and personal protective equipment should be adhered to and used at all times. Graffiti Magic Bare Surface Graffiti Remover, for example, has been specifically formulated and designed to remove graffiti easily from bare, unprotected surfaces. Marken Powerclean are an independent family business, with over 25 years in the cleaning industry. When using pressured water remember to never use pressure higher than the surface can tolerate. If the surface you’re dealing with is porous such as brick, stone, concrete or wood, a more powerful or specially formulated remover product may be required. Unfortunately, the most effective graffiti removers often do the most damage to the brick or concrete block. Below we will delve a little deeper into graffiti removal products. Removal from hard non-porous surfaces such as glass can be made easier by gently applying a sharp blade or scraper to remove thicker layers of graffiti before using the remover product as a spray or on a toughened wipe. When simply repainting the graffiti coated surface is not an option, there are various products that can be used to remove the graffiti. So whether you are removing graffiti from brick or from concrete, we have various solutions to ensure graffiti removal will be straight forward. On porous surfaces such as brick, stone and concrete, consider applying a sealer solution to make any future removal easier, The location of the surface you want to protect from further graffiti will obviously dictate what preventative measures you can take, but these are some good ideas to think about, If the surface does get graffitied, remove it as soon as possible as existing tags can attract others looking to make their mark on the area, If the surface is in darkness at night, improve the lighting by installing security lights which can be motion-triggered, Where possible, make the area harder to paint by creating an uneven surface with features such as trellis, screening panels or well-spaced railings, Where possible, plant a hedge or fast-growing cover such as bamboo. If you’ve never had to remove graffiti before, your first thought might be to reach for a paint stripper or some other widely available chemical and hope it works. Unfortunately, there isn’t just a single solution to fit all graffiti removal projects.